Reflect the promise of renewable energy solutions with a sustainable fleet.


Adapt and modify the fleet to keep costs under control and enhance profits.


Exceed guests' expectations  with superior and reliable transportation options.


Assemble an efficient service fleet that gives you a competitive advantage.


Achieve sustainable and profitable fleet improvements via better tech.


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Our team of National Account Managers will work with you to develop a vehicle management program tailored to fit your needs.

VP: Pete Stevens



The CFS fleet management software will allow you to manage your fleet proactively for operational efficiency. You will gain access to the invaluable fleet data and analytical tools you need to make informed decisions about your business, fleet, and finances.

In addition to having CFS experience on your side, you also have dashboards, analysis, and reports available that will help you reach both day-to-day and long-term goals. Utilize our Fleet Management Software for:

  • Managing Drivers, Assets, Services and Transactions
  • Accessing Critical Information and Exception Reporting
  • Analyzing Trends and Identifying Cost-Saving Opportunities

Convert Internal Combustion Engines to Electric Vehicles


The transportation industry is undergoing a crucial shift as passenger and freight companies work to increase sustainability and reduce energy use. This is in response to climate change and the resulting government energy efficiency initiatives. In order to play our part in preserving the planet and reducing carbon emissions, CFS offers eFleet financing services for businesses looking to switch from Internal Combustion Engine (ICEs) to Electric Vehicles (EVs). Transitioning your fleet to EVs will reduce tailpipe emissions, decrease maintenance costs and boost your brand image. CFS can assist you with every aspect of the transformation.

Research, Analyze, Decide

Deciding to transition to an EV fleet is a major decision for any business, and CFS can assist you in weighing the benefits and drawbacks of acquiring an EV fleet. We will walk you through the things to consider including charging infrastructure, vehicle range, depreciation, maintenance costs, and more. You can rely on us to help you make a decision that is best for your business.


With a long history in the automotive and transportation industry, we understand the financing aspects of acquiring an EV fleet or transitioning to one. Our National Account Managers can assist you  by evaluating different lease and purchase options utilizing all available incentives, and help you choose the ideal solution that supports business growth as you transition to an EV fleet.


When you're ready, CFS has experts that can assist you in selecting the best all-electric or plugin hybrid electric vehicles for your new EV fleet. Our National Account Managers will help evaluate different EV fleet options and find a high-value, budget-friendly solution for your fleet.



Cost savings

Schedule a complimentary review of your current fleet and upcoming vehicle needs, to determine what cost savings are available by working with Corporate Fleet Services.


What our clients
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"We transitioned to Corporate Fleet Services once their team educated us on the numerous fees we were paying with our previous fleet management company. After consultation, it was clear that the true cost of ownership with our former vendor was far greater than we realized. Having a dedicated Account Manager as our point of contact solidified our decision."

VP, Auto Supplier ( National )

"Corporate Fleet Services has been great to work with in locating vehicles, coordinating upfits and creating the best lease structures for our business. Their transparent pricing, no fee structure and Maintenance Management program has allowed us to properly budget for fleet expenses."

Owner Operator, HVAC Contractor ( Michigan )

"We partnered with Corporate Fleet Services to develop a custom vehicle program from the ground up. Corporate Fleet Services handles the vehicle selection for our drivers, ordering and delivery, graphics installation and registration renewals for our fleet across the country. We would highly recommend them as a vehicle leasing partner."

CFO, Government Contractor ( National )