How Fleet Graphics Can Help Your Business Grow

If you haven’t heard of fleet graphics, you’re not alone. Yet fleet graphics can be the very most effective form of advertising and marketing in existence. How can that be so? Fleet graphics are all those images and captions which are placed on the sides of vehicles where they can easily be seen by other […]

Commercial Vehicle

What You Need To Know About The Commercial Vehicle Denomination

You’ve heard the term ‘commercial vehicle’ a thousand times before – but do you really know what it means? What makes a commercial vehicle different from a personal use vehicle? Is there any real difference at all? Maybe until now, you’ve always thought of commercial vehicles as those big tractor-trailers on the road that always […]


What Is Vehicle Upfitting And How It Can Benefit Your Business?

If you haven’t heard the term upfitting before, it refers to a group of vehicle enhancements or accessories customized to accommodate the owner’s actual needs. Contractor vehicles such as commercial vans or fleet vehicles apply most upfits so that company employees can make use of them on the job. Some different types of upfits include […]

Fleet Maintenance And Repair

How To Monitor Your Fleet Maintenance And Repair Costs

One of the biggest challenges associated with fleet maintenance and repair is monitoring and controlling the costs associated with keeping your fleet on the road. If you don’t have good fleet management, it will certainly have an impact on your profitability and on your success as an organization. If you’re still trying to manage your […]

Fleet Telematics

Upcoming Trends for Fleet Telematics In The USA

Fleet telematics has been around since 2010, but it has now occupied center stage in the transportation industry, in large part due to the pandemic. Advancements in telematics and GPS tracking technology are continuing to become more sophisticated, while improving efficiencies, minimizing costs, and improving driver safety. With the outbreak of the pandemic, fleet industries […]

Fleet Maintenance Tips

Fleet Maintenance Tips For The Holidays

While practically everyone in the US is enjoying the holiday season and participating in festive activities, the transportation industry is generally undergoing the most frantic time period of the entire year. Given the fact that retailers always kick off their biggest sales starting before Thanksgiving, it means that a tremendous increase in product shipping goes […]

Fleet Management Operations

How To Improve Your Fleet Management Operations

It can be a very exciting prospect to start up a fleet management operations company. But making a profit from your business and getting a leg up on the competition is always a challenge. Even if you’ve got some great ideas for starting up your business, it can be difficult to convert those ideas into […]

Fleet Safety Management

The Importance Of Fleet Safety Management

Anyone who is tasked with managing or overseeing a fleet of vehicles for a company should understand how important it is to protect those vehicles, as well as all the drivers who will be using them. This makes safety management one of the most important considerations you can have as a fleet manager, and it’s […]

Pick Up Leasing

Pick Up Leasing For Your Specialized Business

When a company needs to acquire a good reliable work truck, they usually tend to purchase a used vehicle. It’s more affordable in the long run and it provides better value for the business. However, another option that is growing in popularity these days is for companies and contractors to lease their work trucks, rather […]

fleet maintenance management

What Is Fleet Maintenance Management?

Fleet maintenance is an integral part of managing a productive business. Without a proper fleet maintenance management program in place, you risk compromising the safety of your vehicles as well as your employees. Unplanned downtime, costly emergency repairs, and failing FMCSA inspections are some other downfalls of avoiding effective fleet maintenance management. Read on to […]

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